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Who we are

PROARTSO is a charity that carries out non-for-profit activities aiming at social and environmental responsability in Spain and Latinamerica since 2010.

We work in the following areas: making society enviromentally aware and conscious of our actions, social inclusion, environmental preservation and raising awareness on minority cultures.

We are based on the principles of circular economy.


What we do

In our environmental actions, Proartso’s iniciatives are centered on marine and coastal protection, incorporating art as the main tool for social transformation.

To do this we clean beaches, coastal areas and the sea. We use the gathered material to create sculptures and decorations with the materials found, raising awareness on the threats fased in the seas and oceans and promoting the 3Rs in different events and festivals: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

We also collaborate with and carry out programmes of animal protection, such as our projects with the sea-horses and bees.