This article was due quite some time ago. We’ve decided to make the most of these unprecedented times to slow down and shed a little bit more light on our journey, our lessons learnt, and where we’re heading. 


We realise many people in our community may find Bsplash confusing—questioning whether we’re a ticketing platform, some kind of fundraising platform for local charities, a sustainability consultancy or whether we just love talking about waste, rubbish, and things like that. And so we’d like to apologise and thank you for holding in there while we were also trying to answer these questions ourselves. It hasn’t been easy, it has took time and it has had some financial repercussions to say the least.

Bsplash was founded with one main goal: to find innovative ways of promoting sustainability on the island of Ibiza. Easier said than done. 

So our journey started off with the following question—what if we could bring social impact closer to every-day people without it becoming an additional effort? After much thought, research, analysis and our love for music, this led us to wanting to launch the first social good ticketing platform. A platform where people could search for things to do in Ibiza—from yoga to an outdoor cinema, from urban dance courses to a night out at Pacha. In other words, it was a local events calendar. But with one differentiating point. Each ticket sold would give back to the island without any additional cost to the user. 

We would give back by supporting local charities on the island. Why? Because from our perspective they are key actors in promoting long term sustainability at different levels for the island’s conservation and in supporting disadvantaged communities. 

If each event organiser sold their tickets through Bsplash for just one or two events each season and provided us with the average commission offered to other ticketing platforms, it would help the charities fundraising be more efficient by providing them with a decent amount of funding to carry out their work in having a local impact on the island without the need of having to invest a considerable part of their resources in fundraising events and activities. At the same time, as a social business, we would keep a small percentage of the average commission in order for us to be able to cover our costs of running the platform. 

Again, easier said than done. Thinking over-optimistically as entrepreneurs do, we thought it was such a brilliant idea, it would sell by itself—I mean who wouldn’t prefer purchasing tickets that give back to the local community at no additional cost after all? But there were many flows in this assumption. The main one was probably the fact that we were too concentrated on how we wanted to create impact and weren’t paying enough attention on a business model that worked.  

And that is ok. Because since we launched in July 2018 we have listened closely. We have learnt. A lot. Each step of the way. And we have grown. 


From this journey, there is one big learning which is redefining who we are: it is understanding the power of business when it is used as a force for good in society (*).

So we would like to share with you our three key lessons learnt so far with regards to sustainability in companies

1. It is not about creating companies which are “less bad”. It is not about philanthropy nor having a corporate social responsibility department that donate X amount to charity every year, nor that every so often carry out fundraising activities. It is about a company’s raison d’être—why does it exist. Sustainability cannot be limited to one department. It needs to become part of a company’s DNA. This is already proving to be an economic opportunity for those which are leading the way in becoming creative and innovate around how they embed social impact and sustainability into the heart of their companies. 

2. It’s about more than just companies. Behind each big and small company, there are people. People with families and problems. People whom genuinely do have the best intentions and do realise that every day their clients are demanding more sustainable options. In light of this, it is often the marketing teams which find themselves stumbling and navigating the best they can through options and products which are meant to be considered more sustainable. 

3. It’s not about creating perfect. Sustainability is challenging for people that try every day to live in a more sustainable way. You can test it with people around you. Ask your vegan friend if she has also gone 100% plastic-free. Ask your friend which has gone plastic-free if he only consumes local produce. We wouldn’t score a 10 out of 10 despite our best intentions and efforts. So we started thinking—how overwhelming must this feel like for a company? 


And these 3 lessons learnt thanks to our community is what is helping us redefine who we are and who we are not. 

We are no longer an events calendar, nor a ticketing platform, nor are we a fundraising platform. We are super excited to continue using our platform to sell tickets for specific events and projects we believe in and collaborate with (**), such as Ibiza Danza Platform which are bringing incredibly talented choreographers to the island every summer for an intensive urban dance course (and have even raised funds for one of the projects we collaborate with at Fitur Madrid and WTT in London!). We are also super happy to team up and make the most of our technology free of charge for fundraising events for different charities of Ibiza, such as we have done with Ibiza & Formentera Preservation (at their 10th Anniversary Celebration and at a fundraising dinner at Cala Bonita), the Ibiza and Formentera Cancer Association (at the Davy Lions concert), and the Motoclub Pitius Team which have raised funds for Tursiops and Apneef and have organized the “Papanoelada solidaria en moto”. We helped coordinate the fundraising of this event and then distributed all what was donated throughout different charities of the island, such as Caritas and 24/7 Ibiza. And, last but not least, we play a very active role in Plastic Free Ibiza and have participated in World Cleanup Day together with the English Speaking Church of Ibiza & Formentera and 24/7 Ibiza

We are immensely grateful to all of you that have trusted and continue to trust in us. 

We are taking the coming weeks to find the right words that define us.  But for now let’s say we’re here to walk with companies that are looking to bring change from the inside out and in defining a more sustainable purpose. Sustainability isn’t an end itself. It’s a journey. And through our team’s expertise, we want to be there and walk this journey with you. 

Thanks to our community for your patience as we continue to adjust our sails. We will continue to keep you posted and we invite you to join us. 

For now, we hope you’re all doing well and keeping safe.

From the Bsplash team we send you our love and strength during these difficult times. 


We’re very grateful to Fátima Martínez Pla whom has carried out the translation from English to Spanish of this text.

(*) There are all kinds of incredible movements around the world that are redefining the role of business in society. Please don’t hesitate in writing to us if you’d like us to share more about this with you in future articles or if you’d like us to write an article on a particular topic.

(**) Please don’t hesitate in contacting us should you like to team up with us for an event you’re organising–whether it’s for fundraising, artistic, cultural, or just for fun!

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