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Vegan Lunch & Eco Tour

Casita Verde
10.00 EUR Event Date

From 16/12/2018 14:00 to 16/12/2018 19:00


A donation of 7 or 10 euros is requested in order to cover the main vegan course you are going to eat.


Casita Verde is a hidden oasis of peace and nature in of the heart of Ibiza. If you have never been there yet, take the chance and visit it during its open Sundays!

Every Sunday from 14:00 to 16:00 Casita Verde offers a healthy lunch to its visitors. Enjoy the vegan menu of the chef Maestro Roberto Vegano. He will use the very best of the local products to create a delicious meal. Enjoy your meal in the garden, probably there will be some nice music and for sure lots of nice people around to share it with. In case it rains, there is a small covered area open on the sides with sofas where you can eat or have an aloe juice comfortable.

After lunch around 16:00, join the guided visit around the place to get to know it properly. Chris, the soul of the place, will love to show you how this sustainable green community really works.


To eat and visit Casita Verde you have to make a donation of 10 euros and this way become a memeber of Ibzia Ecologic. If you are already a member, you have to make a donation of 7 euros in order to cover the main vegan course you are going to eat.

Casita Verde open Sundays finish at sunset, which might be a little bit earlier than 19:00 depending on the moment of the year.

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