The Drink Workshop – bsplash

Ibiza Drink Workshops are entertaining experiences where you will discover several amazing secrets to the creation of alcoholic beverages, some with very local Ibiza connections. Available every day at out-of-the-way locations, the workshops are available to be shared with others or booked as your own private Ibiza event.

The late afternoon two-hour timing (there are extra options for private workshops) allows a workshop to fit perfectly in-between your day and evening plans. And with tastings-as-you-go these workshop events quickly turn into a comfortable gathering where you get to share something interesting, meet new people and have fun.

It’s a great way to get yourself energized before dinner and your evening ahead.

Developed by chief alchemist Phil Thomas the workshops were created as a result of his years of experience creating cocktail menus at bars around the world, his 11 years on the island and his interest in and in-depth knowledge of the sources and uses of alcohol.

Phil is also the taste-buds behind the popular Ibiza tonic water Botink found in bars around the island.

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