Opening in 1975 as a real zoo, Benimussa Park is currently the biggest open air club in Ibiza, with weekly events which include the famous Zoo Project that has been going over a decade. We have wanted to keep our essence intact and we continue surrounding ourselves by pine tres and by Ibiza’s interior nature. Originality and fun are the two main concepts overarching our events.

Benimussa Park is situated just over 4 km from San Antonio. The venue has 6 different areas: the Mandala Garden, our Amphitheater, the Living Room, the Pool, the BBQ, and the Open Air.

Our space additionally includes Paintball Ibiza and the Gala Night restaurant where we host all kinds of events.

As a “familia ibicenca” our corporate culture is based on our family spirit and on our love towards the island, which allows us to be a unique experience. Our commitment towards the local environment is pushing us towards changing the status quo. In collaboration with the Nature Project of Proartso, we have recently pledged to eliminating the single use of plastic cups. You will see the Nature Project present at many of our events.

Some of our actions with more of a community-focus include fundraising events and hosting summer camps for children in the mornings: Fantasilandia y Proyecto Único.

Benimussa Park considers Ibiza’s nightlife industry have a responsibility towards leading a more sustainable approach to the events in general.

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