About Bsplash

We believe in the potential of music & fun in bringing change to Ibiza.

We’re a social impact platform teaming-up with companies, artists, and passionate individuals interested in changing the status quo in Ibiza and the music industry.

We work with brands through experiences, participatory approaches, and workshops on how they can they can bring change from the inside out. We co-create sustainable solutions to a diversity of challenges.

We have a particular focus on working with brands’ purpose & on creating local positive social and environmental impact.

Through music and multilateral collaborations with local and international experts, we believe that together we can position the island as a global role model.

Our vision

We want to instigate a global movement in which art and music promote a more united and purposeful world. We believe Ibiza can become a role model in a new way by linking experiences, music and fun with social impact and environmental sustainability.

Why we exist

We’re from Ibiza and love every bit of the island with all its imperfections. Wherever you are in the world and you mention the word Ibiza, it brings an instant smile to people’s faces. The island attracts more and more people every year, and that’s pretty cool. But it also carries an enormous impact on the
island’s environment and local community, the management of which is currently unsustainable.

We look for different ways of giving back to the island. We want to take care of Ibiza’s beauty for us, our children and future generations. And if we want change on this island, there is only one thing that brings each one of us together.

Buying a ticket on Bsplash

Buying a ticket for an event in Ibiza?

Each purchase you make on our site gives something back to the island.

  1. Find an event on our event’s calendar & buy a ticket via bsplash.
  2. A percentage is given to a local charity at no extra cost to you.
  3. You + bsplash = a better Ibiza, one event at a time.

We want to help preserve the beauty of this magical place while having fun. And now you can too!

Setting up an event

We provide a ticketing service for all kinds of events.

Whether you’re celebrating something special, setting up a fundraising event, or you have a weekly event, we’re here to help.

Your event will have its own page where you can include all kinds of details in Spanish and English. Your guests can choose between three different payment methods (credit card, Paypal, and wire transfer).

By including a small donation fee within the end ticket price at no extra cost to your clients, it gives us all a huge potential to band together in taking care of Ibiza by raising funds for projects that have a local project.

Our services aren’t just limited to paid events though. If you are organising an event which is free of charge, we would also love to include you in our events’ calendar. Get in touch!