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What We’re About

Bsplash brings together events in Ibiza with local social and environmental initiatives.

Our objective is to promote sustainable development through digital technology, art, and music.

Like live music? More of a clubbing animal? Or perhaps you want to take advantage of Ibiza’s natural glories or family events? Whatever your choice may be, b·splash makes it easy for you to find your perfect plan.

How We’re Different

Each purchase you make on our site gives something back to the island by donating a percentage directly to a local non-profit project—without any additional cost to you.

We want to do our share in helping fight some of the challenges Ibiza faces as it continues to grow in numbers (but not in space). We want to help preserve the beauty of this magical place.

And now you can too!

Our Vision

We want to instigate a global movement in which art and music promote a more united and sustainable world. We believe Ibiza can become a role model in a new way by linking social and environmental sustainability with leisure and fun.

Ibiza receives more and more people every year and that’s really exciting. But it also has an enormous impact on the island’s environment and society, the management of which is currently unsustainable and has no long-term vision. We want people to understand how to reduce each individual’s footprint and how to really care about the island.

Some facts about Ibiza:

  • 40% of Posidonia has disappeared in recent decades. (The growth of this plant is so slow that it takes up to 4 centuries to recover).
  • The rate of tourists per number of residents has reached one of the highest rates in the world, reaching nearly 26 tourists per inhabitant in 2016
  • 82% of the average salary is spent on property rentals. (The EU establishes that a household is overburdened when these costs exceed 40% ofthe available income).
  • Urbanisation of the coastline has suffered an increase of more than 60% between 1990 and 2012.
  • The surface of protected areas has decreased 57%.
  • The consumption of renewable energy represents less than 1% on an island that enjoys more than 300 days of sunshine a year. According to Europe's 2020 climate and energy package, this number should reach 20% in less than 2 years.
  • Groundwater resources represent 90% of the water consumed onthe island. 65.2% of the aquifers are overexploited. 80% are in a crital situation. (10 out of the 16 aquifers onthe island are in a poor quantitative state).

Data collected from the Ibiza and Formentera Preservation Funds research on the Social and Environmental Carrying capacity of Ibiza.

We are a social business, we do not look for the maximisation of profit, nor are we a charity, as we want to be sustainable on the long run and not have to depend on donations. Our yearly net profits will be donated to local charities and causes.

There is an enduring principle at the heart of everything we do: a better and more sustainable island for not just us to enjoy now, but also for future generations. Hence each one of your purchases contributes to carrying out a local social or environmental initiative.

We are based on the values of solidarity, tolerance, transparency, democracy, social responsibility, empathy, and equality. We thus have chosen to be a cooperative.

As a business that has social innovation at its core, we believe in collaborating with and empowering small and great local entrepreneurs. For this reason, our team is a team of entrepreneurs.

We are proud to be collaborating with local social and environmental initiatives, especially those carried out by the non-profit sector. We believe their work is essential and at the forefront in the promotion of social, economic, and environmental sustainable development on the island. However, given their limited resources there is a great need for stronger alliances between the different actors. bsplash serves as a platform to unite forces and give visibility to the different initiatives taking place on the island.

We are trying to help bridge the current gaps between the large discrepancies on the island. We are building synergies between the public and private sector, charities, visitors, residents, artists, musicians, and locals. In bsplash we strongly believe that we all need to work together towards the same end: Ibiza.

We have decided to promote transparency by offering the possibility of giving to specific projects and including a feedback loop on the results of each project. This is why you can also decide to give directly to the non-profit of your choice.

100% Model:

  • 100% of donations made will go directly to the charity or cause you wish to support.
  • We are committed to donating 100% of our net annual profits to different local social and environmental initiatives.

Love the footprint you leave!

From a place of gratitude for what we have, bsplash allows usto give back, for no other reason than because we can. Scientific research suggests that being kind can increase serotonin and dopamine, the feel-good chemicals in our brains. They are also known as the happy chemicals because they contribute to our well being and happiness. Here is your opportunity!

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