¡Hola! Welcome to bsplash’s first blog. How’s it going? We hope you’re doing great 🙂 We thank you for deciding to pass by this space. We’re going to talk to you today a little bit about who we are. Excited? We are.

We’re sure you must be asking yourself “who are these bsplash guys? What do they do exactly?” Feeling a little curious, right? So here we go:

What is bsplash? 

In 2018 the first social good ticketing platform was born for the island of Ibiza. 

We want to offer an event’s calendar of what is happening in Ibiza which is directed not only to those that live here all year around, but also to those that visit us. Step by step we want to give visibility to all what’s going on around the island so that you can find your perfect plans in Ibiza. And yes, this time we want to make sure you get to find out before the event has actually already taken place, not the day after on social media or in the newspaper. 🤦‍♀

And how does the social good come into it? Bsplash hasn’t been created for the maximisation of profit. It has been created to make giving back to Ibiza easy. And what does this actually mean? At bsplash we’ve decided to match leisure and fun with sustainability. We relate all kinds of events with local social and environmental initiatives. Each ticket purchased on bsplash will contribute in taking care of our beautiful Ibiza which offers us so much in so many ways. In other words, a percentage of each ticket is donated to one of the projects we’ve teamed up with—without any additional costs to the user. But we don’t just want to raise funds for local nonprofit initiatives, we also want to raise awareness on different challenges Ibiza is facing. 

Our vision? We want to instigate a global movement in which art and music promote a more united and sustainable world. We believe that Ibiza can become a role model in a new way by linking social and environmental sustainability with leisure and fun. 

Why do we exist? Each year more and more people are coming to Ibiza, which makes us happy. However, nobody can deny the impact it’s having on the environment and on the people living on the island, the management of which is completely unsustainable at the moment and there is no long term vision. We want people to find out how together we can leave a positive footprint and how we can take better care of Ibiza. We want to share the fact that social and environmental responsibility doesn’t need to be limited to the charity and public sectors. We want to share the message that to build a social business is not just highly gratifying on a more personal level, but it’s also fun. We want to create a movement of change. We want to create wave of changemakers. 

Are we a charity? Nope. We’re a social business, which is something like a non-for-profit business. You’ll be like: mmh… a non-for-profit what? What’s that? Yes, incredible but true. Our objective is to create social impact, not profit maximisation. But we’re also not a charity, as we don’t want to depend on donations. Our annual net profits will be used to support nonprofit initiatives which have an impact on the island. In other words, let’s say the only money we keep is to be able to keep our activity alive and the rest is given back to the community. 

There is an enduring principle at the heart of everything we do: a better and more sustainable island for not just us to enjoy now, but also for future generations. We are based on the values of solidarity, tolerance, transparency, democracy, social responsibility, empathy, and equality. We thus have chosen to be a cooperative. 

Ok. But which is bsplash’s business model then? We charge a small commission for the sale of tickets through our platform. Free events, free publicity.

What does bsplash mean? You might have heard about bsplash on the radio during the last couple of months, but you’re not quite sure what it means. The letter b is literally from the verb “to be”. And the word “splash” implies a multiplier effect on the island, a movement of change in Ibiza. But not with the same old boring stuff—we want to make sure that we don’t stop having fun along the way. Our logo wants to transmit what bsplash is all about: each step has the power of creating a ripple effect. 🙂 

So who do we want to team up with? People, companies, and organisations that want to help build a better Ibiza. We don’t care about your background, age, gender, political party, beliefs, identity, nationality, sector, or business. Whether you’re a charity and looking to raise funds for one of your projects, or a business which wants to take part in social innovation on the island, an artist who wants to promote a good cause, an entrepreneur, a creative mind, or a student who wants to be part of the change in Ibiza. 

We’re not concerned about what brings us apart, but what brings us together. And what brings us together is Ibiza. 

So that’s it. That’s bsplash. Thanks so much for reading until the end. You rock! 

If you’re interested in learning more, if you would like to collaborate, or if you want to be part of a movement of change which leaves a positive footprint in Ibiza—but you’re not sure what to do—don’t think twice, please get in touch. We’d love to get to know you! 🙂



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