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Our aim is to co-create and accelerate change through local action and contribute in creating a new global economy for a 21st century world.

We believe that together we can do better for the world & we believe in the force of business for good. Businesses are key actors in creating a more inclusive, regenerative, and sustainable economy. We believe we have the responsibility to collaborate to disrupt the status quo and bring systemic change.

If not now, when? If not us, who?

Co-creating where we want to be tomorrow to strategically decide what we need to do today.

Where fun meets purpose

Sustainable Purpose

We support you in integrating sustainability into your company’s purpose, vision, and culture as part of a long term strategy towards adapting to a new global economic model which is circular, regenerative, and inclusive by design.


We offer participatory workshops on the Balearic Law on Waste 8/2019, with a particular focus
on the hospitality industry.


We provide a ticketing platform for creative, educational, and fundraising events.


We collaborate with local social impact initiatives by providing them with a fundraising platform. It’s the community which empowers and supports each project’s success.